About Us

GYTech Inc. specializes in the design and total development of customized Measurement and Instrumentation Devices, including Printed Circuit Board Design, Device Driver Development, Software Applications Programming, and Embedded Systems Development.

Owing to their specialized field of application, Measurement and Instrumentation Devices are frequently custom-made. We can custom build electronic instruments so they would fit your specific Research and Development needs. This is the characterizing feature of the services that GYTech Inc. offers.


In any field of concern, different specific needs would usually have different solutions, this is most especially true in the field of Measurement and
instrumentation, it is usually difficult to pick, from among products available in market, the right instrument to perfectly fit one’s Research and Development needs. This calls for designing custom made instruments that suit individuals’ requirements and specific needs.

It is for this reason that GYTech Inc. aims to be a company specializing in the customized design and development of various sorts of test and measurement systems. In designing circuits, we aim at simplicity, that is, we try to minimize the number of parts used so as to reduce unnecessary fluctuation and failure, thereby eliminating even minute errors. We aim to make highly accurate and highly reliable circuits in this way.